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A five-year-old Megs is helping me reconstruct a kudu (a type of antelope) skeleton, carefully laying the vertebrae out in order on the sand as rhinos grazed alongside us.

Or the time when aged 11, she shared a train journey with me across India, squashed into a bunk in a cabin that we had booked to ourselves but which, when we arrived, was occupied by a raucous Indian family who spent much of the journey cooking curry.

Together with my younger sister Jenny, who went on to become a famous fashion designer, I was raised in Southampton by my dad Colin, who ran a marine engineering business, and my mum Rita, a legal secretary, who died three years ago.

As soon as I could crawl, I was in the garden picking up worms, tadpoles and ladybirds.

To my delight, I found that all the things I already enjoyed were made more fun and more special because Megan was part of it.

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